Hi, we are Maja and Jelena. This year we have enrolled master studies at Faculty of Applied Arts, we work as designers at Cultural Center of Belgrade and we constantly jump from one freelance job to another. After spent few years of playing volleyball professionally, eight years in School for young mathematicians, two years in School of electrical engineering, six years of dancing in folklore group, nine years as a member in volunteer fire department, two years as child animator, few months as a manicurist and waitress, we realized that graphic design is our true vocation. We are especially interested in illustration and typography, but we secretly hope that one day we will travel the world as professional food and drink tasters.

Today I tasted
Maja: few slices of sausage, piece of white cheese, a slice of bacon (whole), eggs, a cup of Nescafe coffee, double espresso with milk (couple of these, during 2-3 hour long breaks), biggish spoon of ajvar, a cup of yogurt, two slices of bread, half of Bounty, a portion of homemade mac and cheese, one more cup of yogurt, a bowl of beef soup, few more slices of sausage and couple shots of homemade loza (rakia).
Jelena: omelette (made of three eggs, couple of slices of ham, mushrooms, parsley (fried on kajmak)), two cups of green tea, pancake with Nutella, Bucko’s pizza with beef salad, three pieces of Žarbo cake, five chocolate bars, a cup of Nescafe coffee, pancakes with kajmak, pancakes with Nutella again, a cup of hot cocoa and couple shots of homemade loza (rakia). Read Less